By Zev Vernon-Lapow & Sam Laird

Nicholas Sverchek, beloved son, brother and friend, passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 2, while studying at the University of Delhi in India. He was 22 years old.
Nick is survived by his parents James and Michelle, along with his older brother and two younger sisters. His girlfriend and numerous friends mourn his passing as well.
Nick was a roommate and a close friend to both of us. His death is a tremendous loss.
Nick is remembered for his curiosity, his open mind and his inquisitive nature. He knew how to ask questions most people wouldn’t ask. His desire to learn about the world and learn about his mind led him on a journey to India that unfortunately never ended.
Nick was on a search for truth. Whether he found it or not, he embodied that process.
Nick loved philosophical conversations and could spend hours contemplating far-flung possibilities with a desire to reach rational conclusions. He searched for his place among the world’s religions, questioning what "God" meant and trying to define universal moral law.
Nick was also a master of good times. He was capable of maximizing the ordinary and we shared many adventures together. A highly skilled drummer and guitarist, we’ll always vividly recollect him drenched in sweat banging on his drums.
Nick was a thrill seeker — a skater, a snowboarder and a surfer — always ready to bomb a hill or ride the next wave.
Nick lived with us for an essential part of our journey through time; it deeply saddens us that we will not get the chance to continue to grow with him.
Nick’s laughter, humor, curiosity and loyalty will always resonate in the memories of those lucky enough to have known him.