I do not support the impeachment of George Bush and his fascist ultra right-wing republican cohort Cheney and the rest of the vermin who currently occupy the White House. Rather, I wish to see them arrested, tried, prosecuted before an international court of justice and executed for war crimes committed against the Iraqi people.

These right-wing terrorist scum have slaughtered up to one million innocent men, women and children in Iraq these past four years. This is not war; this is genocide. It time, we the People of the United States of America, bring true justice to these criminals and have them hanged by the neck till they are dead.

As well, every single American who has supported these killers needs to be rounded up and thrown into FEMA concentration camps and held accountable as accomplices in these war crimes. Death to the Republican Party, their SUVs and their corrupt political shananigans!!!

*Shirley Vaughn, Boulder Creek, California*