If you’ve been to the student union lately, you’ll notice a petition urging the university to change its pay system to a twice-monthly pay format. It is unethical and hypocritical for the university to pay staff and student workers only once a month while California requires all employers to pay their employees at least twice a month. Higher Education External Relations Association (HEERA ) loopholes allows this travesty to continue, but with public pressure and spotlighting the money the university makes in interest while workers suffer under this burden, we can change this policy. Perhaps an informed student body will force politicians and administration officials to rethink this unfair system. I know students need their pay on the first of each month rather than the eighth day.

Call upon George Blumenthal to stand by his words he used as faculty representative before he became chancellor. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

*Your friendly shuttle driver, Ken Keegan*