I am writing in response to the two articles in your [v41, i12] issue concerning the delay of the UCSC job fair and the actions of the Students Against War (SAW).

What many SAW members fail to recognize is the fact that they are not concerned with their fellow students’ careers; rather they are far more concerned with their own demagogic and silly radical agenda, which has left the students of UCSC without a job fair, and at a loss for a much-needed opportunity.

I believe the SAW leadership when they claim that they never intended for the job fair to be cancelled. However, their wanton and foolish acts of protest have left the administration without any choice, and the blame should be shared by them, if not completely leveled upon their shoulders. Their intent is completely moot.

They say the actions of the administration are aimed to “quell student protest.” It must be noted that the radical left at UCSC is known for its over-exaggeration and misinterpretation of events. I cite the radical posters that flew over UCSC last fall that read “Palestine? Oaxaca? UCSC? Police brutality!” The fact that the radical left could connect the former two struggles with the struggle of over-privileged white American students who do not want their parents to pay higher tuition is exemplary of the radical left’s utterly asinine world view, and here it is no different. Students are still welcome to gather, to assemble and to voice their concerns. However, certain groups, especially SAW, have limited the rights of others in our community to carry out their basic rights as American citizens, and the fact that the press apparently supports them in their soapbox opera sickens me.

*Steven Betz, 4th-year history student*