Over the last seven years, this unelected and illegal (Bush Administration) has funneled hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into building a fascist Nazi police state infrastructure across America.

What was once law-abiding local law enforcement ‘serving and protecting’ the community has now turned into a federally militarized fascist police force used to attack, subjugate and terrorize the American public. Drawing intelligence from the NSA, CIA, FBI, the U.S. military, Homeland Security and other agencies, America’s once proud and trusted law enforcement community are become the new Nazi SS Stormtroopers of the new fascist American Republic.

Their spies and spycameras are everywhere, illegally surveilling, monitoring and tracking YOU (the American people) so as to criminalize your lifestyle, what you can and cannot say, as well as your ability to dissent against the unlawful intrusions and privacy violations being directed against you (the American people) on a daily basis.

In a word, America is now a fully-fledged Nazi Reich with executive powers already in the wings to declare Martial Law, declare YOU illegal, and throw you in FEMA concentration camps like the Jews were in World War II.

All they’re waiting for now is a national crisis like a stock market crash and/or a nuclear detonation of an American city (which they themselves will orchestrate) in order to bring about their EVIL plans for total global control.

What to do? RESIST, non-violently and/or by FORCE of arms. There’s a reason why there is a 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. I’d say the American people are going to be forced into using and upholding their inalienable right to self-defense once YOU (the American people) realize that YOUR government has become your #1 enemy.

*Kim Hollander, Aptos resident*