Dear Editors of CHP,<br/>We are writing in response to the American Apparel back-page ads in your two most recent issues, March 1 and March 8. Both ads featured a young woman clothed only from the waist down, barely covering her breasts. As avid readers of your publication, we felt compelled to state our disappointment with the ads.

We believe that this type of nudity is not empowering to women, but rather relies on the commoditization of the female body in order to sell American Apparel tights and thermals. We understand that &#8220;sex does sell&#8221; in the advertising world, however, we don’t feel that this type of eroticization belongs in our respected campus publications.

Simply, we believe CHP is classier than that.

Additionally, we hope that you would not condone American Apparel’s offensive ad campaign.

*Sincerely,*<br/>*Erica Gillingham, Julia Hiser, and Kate Shaughnessy*