I am a Mexican scholar doing a sabbatical year here at UCSC (Applied Math and Stat.). I read the article “The Heart of Corazón” (V. 41, issue 21; April 5, 2007, Page 10). It’s a pretty good article and I’m glad to see an Alternative Spring Break activity in Mexico besides the standard plane-beach-plane spring break Mexico most students know. I need, though, to correct two mistakes:

Page 10, Paragraph five: “a small village in the Mexican state of Tecate on the Baja peninsula.” Tecate is a Town by the border, in the state of Baja California, and “Valle” (I suppose) is part of its metro area.

Page 11, Column two: “… remittances from Mexican workers in America ($25 million in 2006, according to La Jornada).” The figure is ridiculous, that would account for approximately the money sent to Mexico every 8 hours. The correct figure is 25 billion. (25 mil millones). See La Jornada: [], quoting World Bank data. Although most money comes from the United States, a chunk also should come from Canada.

*Thanks,*<br/>*Dr. J. Andres Christen*<br/>*Visiting Scholar at UCSC, Applied Math. and Statistics, until June 2007*