Dear Editor,

Stephanie Foo’s review of Levi Goldman’s show “The auto-erotic man,” is fine, even brilliantly excecuted, except for one line: the one line in which she calls Levi ignorant. As a friend of Levi, I’d like to speak out in his defense. Stephanie really hurt his feelings. He is not ignorant, and calling him ignorant was terrible. Levi is partially deaf. Seen the hearing aid he wears? That makes him a part of deaf culture. Not only is he visually literate, he also comes from a totally different cultural framework. Don’t know what I mean? Do a wikipedia search on deaf culture, and read about American deaf culture. That will clue you in. Stephanie gravely misunderstood Levi, and I think she should make amends towards him by writing an article about deaf culture, as well as writing a personal and public apology to him.

Yano Rivera,<br/>Member of the Auto-Erotic Man show<br/>Friend of Levi Goldman