Dear Editor,

It’s great that we’re trying to keep the forest in good, healthy condition, but at this point, protesting in the forest is futile. Acting Chancellor George Blumenthal says that the expansion is still in the early planning process and it’s possible that the new colleges won’t be built. One of the locations they are planning to build up is north of Kresge College, above the trailer park. There were rumors that were going around saying Tree Nine would be destroyed for the expansion of the campus, but from what I’ve heard from UCSC’s acting chancellor, there are no plans for the destruction of Tree Nine, at the moment.

For all UC students: if you have any concerns about the subject of the UCSC expansion, just e-mail the chancellor for any questions. He will respond. Protesting at the base of Tree 9 will be much more difficult to get your voice heard and I recommend you to directly contact the head of UCSC or their Long Range Development Plan if you are concerned about the future of our natural forest environment at UC Santa Cruz.