Dear Editor,

I was very impressed with your article on the shootings at Virginia Tech. I would like to say thank you for responding to this tragedy with a little bit of decency, that our society and especially our media, has been lacking lately. This article expressed much-needed sincerity toward the situation and its subjects. I appreciate the points that the article expressed about what is important, including telling

our friends and family that we love them, and how a tragedy will put that in perspective for many of us. While following this news, I’ve noticed that the majority of the newspapers have focused on the killer, his background, and why he was so distraught. While the media has been focusing on the killer, it not only gives him the attention that he was asking for, but forgets about the 32 people that innocently died on that tragic day. I agree that we as a society should be sympathetic towards the people of Virginia Tech and their families in this harsh time, and resist from turning this tragedy into the gossip tabloids for the sake of our entertainment. You put it pretty correctly when you said that most of the media outlets are vultures just doing whatever they need to so that they can sell their newspapers. Thank you for having the respect to write such a great piece on this horrible tragedy.

*Your Concerned Reader,*<br/>*Jacob Gomez*