Dear Editor,

The editorial regarding the tragedy at Virginia Tech in last week’s issue of CHP (Jan. 12) … is obviously very sincerely felt. I have read and seen many voyeuristic and sensationalistic pieces in the press, as well as pieces obviously written with an axe to grind, and it makes one weary and sad to see such heartlessness. It is so kind of you all to put the focus on the grieving and healing process that the victims, families, students and staff have to go through, and to offer your support.

Some say that Americans have forgotten how to feel. I strongly disagree. My nephew is a senior at Virginia Tech. Several of his siblings and his father are alumni. I am a high school teacher, and have two daughters in college, one at UCSC. I feel strongly that we should never have to fear for our lives while in pursuit of an education. With so many connections, the tragedy at Virginia Tech struck home and struck hard. Your editorial was the first balm to sooth this ugly wound, and I am grateful.

*Thank you,*<br/>*Carol Limbach*