Next week, students will have the opportunity to vote for Student Union Assembly (SUA) officer candidates and ballot measures in the Spring SUA elections. City on a Hill Press will cover the ballot measures in this issue, and focus on the officer candidates next week.

All ballot measures that require campus-based fees must be approved by a simple majority of voters and 25 percent of affected students must vote to meet quorum for each measure. Each measure this year returns 33 percent of the fee to financial aid to help lower income students.

This is the first in a two part series on the 2007 Campus Elections. Next week, City on a Hill Press will take a closer look at the candidates running for officer positions in the Student Union Assembly

Students interested in learning more about the candidates should attend the forum on Monday May 14 and 5pm in Classroom Unit 1.

_Measure 30: Learning Support Services Sustainability Fee (Undergraduates only)_

Establishes a permanent fee of $6.64/quarter for Learning Support Services, which includes Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) and subject tutoring. The fee does not include funding for frosh core writing tutoring.

*Reasons for the Fee*: Shortfalls in funding have made it difficult for Learning Support Services to offer tutoring to most of the UCSC students in the Winter and Spring of 2007. This fee would ensure that MSI and tutoring are available to more UCSC students.

*How the fee will be used*: The fee will be used by Learning Support Services to fund tutoring services that currently provide academic assistance to more than 2,500 undergraduate students in over 100 courses each quarter. This fee will provide money for over 200 student tutoring jobs, which yield over 54,000 total hours of instruction. The fee will not fund the non-Educational Outreach Program Core Writing tutoring.

_Measure 31: Athletics Funding Measure_

Establishes a permanent fee of $5/quarter for Intercollegiate Athletic Sports Teams.

*Reasons for the Fee*: The fee is needed to help fund UCSC student athletes. The fee would reduce out-of-pocket expenses by 15-20 percent, reduce the risk of injury through expanded athletic training services, and provide consistent and well-trained game day student workers. It is also needed to meet NCAA uniform and equipment regulations, and lessen the coaches’ workloads.

*How the fee will be used*: This fee will be used to fund programming for Intercollegiate Athletic Sports. This funding will expand the athletic department’s Training Room hours, support athletic team allocations, travel, equipment, game management, student workers, membership fees, administrative staffing, and coaches’ salaries.

_Measure 32: Physical Education Program_

Establishes a permanent fee of $4.50/quarter for Physical Education classes and equipment

*Reasons for the Fee*: The fee will fund additional Physical Education (P.E.) class offerings because many of them are overcrowded. Each year 1800 students have been turned away due to lack of funding for additional classrooms and instructors. Funding would also go towards maintaining equipment and facilities. There are no other fund sources available to OPERS to meet these needs.

*How the fee will be used*: The fee will be used to fund additional P.E. class offerings to our growing and diverse student population.

The fee will be used to replace worn and defective P.E. equipment and to purchase new equipment for new class offerings.

The fee will be used to increase salaries for P.E. instructors so we can recruit and retain qualified instructors.

The fee will be used to provide outreach to the colleges to encourage more participation in Physical Education programs and to offer a limited number of classes in various locations around campus, thus making classes more convenient to attend.

_Measure 33: Graduate Student Government Fee Increase (Graduate students only)_

Establishes a permanent fee of $4.50/quarter to increase the services of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) including research travel grants, statewide lobbying efforts, and networking activities annually sponsored by the GSA.

_Complete ballot measure language, including the measure endorsements is available online at . Every registered student is eligible to vote between 5/15-5/22._