Congratulations on printing a fresh look at HIV/AIDS and the atrocious way Peter Duesberg and other science critics have been treated for pointing to the unacceptable flaws and holes in the conventional wisdom, which has been defended purely by politics and propaganda for over twenty years, as any serious review of the scientific literature will show. In fact, so overwhelming is the flow of negative research disproving this paradigm recently that it is difficult to think that the scientists and science officials concerned are not knowing liars in this regard, as so many concerned patients and other professionals have concluded over the years.

The piece was a deft summary of the important points to be made on this topic and the author and yourselves are to be congratulated on writing and running it, notwithstanding the kneejerk, ignorant letters that are bound to fill your mailbox from AIDS activists and other defenders of the faith, many of them financed by drug companies exploiting the situation.

These militants are fond of attacking critics who are trying to enlighten them by accusing them of being “dangerous” heretics who might try to put people off taking AIDS drugs, which is exactly the point, as the recent study has shown. For reasons that have nothing to do with the virus these drugs show a temporary improvement (they substitute for the immune system in attacking parasitical infections) but they eventually seriously injure and even kill those who take them (half the patients with AIDS who die annually in the States now die of drug effects which are not on the list of AIDS symptoms).

Yours sincerely,<br/>Anthony Liversidge<br/>New AIDS Review