I want to commend you for the story by Joshua Nicholson about AIDS. It was well-written and covered some valid points in the flaws of modern science. Many of us, know as AIDS Rethinkers, are fighting the battle to get the truth out to the world. We hail from all walks of life with one common goal, to get this travesty turned around.

Most people do not start out as “rethinkers” but after most of us have been thrust into the situation, we read and learn about our disease and when we cannot get two and two to equal four in this case, we swim upstream and go against the mainstream.

I myself, had full-blown AIDS, took the meds for awhile and when I became a “rethinker,” I stopped them. I have been off of them for 15 months now and I am extremely healthy, doing what “they” say cannot be done.

I have since written two books, Surviving AIDS and Cancer and Life After AIDS to help get the truth out, especially to those who desperately need it.

I would encourage your paper to keep on writing and searching for the truth in this matter. It will take many of us doing our part to make a change in this matter.

Yours in health,<br/>Noreen Martin