Of the nine candidates running, three are Independents (I), without the backing an organized slate while six are endorsed by a collection of campus organizations. Candidates endorsed by the Asian/Pacific Islander Student Alliance, the African/Black Student Association, and MEChA run on the “Students First” (SF) platform. SF is focused on bringing an Ethnic Studies department to UCSC and a commitment to “Student Initiated Outreach funding”, “Faculty of Color Outreach”, “Diversity”, and “more support and services for marginalized communities on campus.” According to Students First, “The history and purpose of [SF] is to put forward candidates, chosen by their communities, to represent the marginalized communities of this campus.”

At the candidate forum, one divisive issue was a recent proposal to implement the USA Today Campus Readership program on campus. The program would deliver three national daily newspapers to locations across campus such. The Students First candidates generally opposed the program because of the alleged ties that the parent company of USA Today has with anti-union activities. The three independent candidates indicated strong support for the program and voted for it last month in SUA. Jamal Atiba, a candidate for the position of Commissioner of Academic Affairs in SUA, emphasized that “it’s a good program that’s been popular in the past and successful. The benefits to students far outweigh the allegations of possible anti-union activity, which only involved about twenty possible employees.” Internal Vice Chair candidate Eric Street, who chairs the SUA Student Life Committee and wrote the program proposal added that SUA is the “only UC college government that doesn’t offer tangible benefits to students. This is something we can do.”

*SUA Chair*

Christie Suchil, Third year, Psychology, Philosophy, & Community Studies

Experience: External Vice Chair of SUA, intern for Internal Vice Chair (2 years), intern for Commissioner of Academic Affairs, diversity committee, EVC of SCOC, MEChA, MESH, Rainbow, Stevenson rep to SFAC

Three issues:

1.Education is a right, not a privilege. It is very important to make the UC’s affordable to all students (free) and every little bit counts so students should not be taxed for anything; no more fee raises.

2.It is important that students have an opportunity to know what is going on and who SUA is so outreach and visibility is important.

3.I think there should be more unity of the communities and groups on this campus. There are many different people, all of whom have different priorities and all of these issues are important to the Student Union Assembly as we are representative of ALL students.

Why students should vote for me:

I’m a very passionate person who is down to work hard. I have been a part of multiple organizing spaces ranging from committees, forums, town halls, board meetings, SOAR organizations, college government meetings and committees, events and everything in between. I know a lot about the campus and how it works ranging from policies, protocol all the way to logistics. Having so much experience and being willing to work with many people and in taking constructive criticism I feel I am willing and excited to potentially represent all students through SUA by being Chair.

Sean M. Perry (I), Second year, Neuroscience and Behavior

Experience: Crown Student Senate Chair, SUA Rep for Crown, Council of Chairs

Three issues:

1.Outreach- I want the undergraduates of UCSC to know what SUA is, I Plan on making sure that the money allocated this year for outreach will be used most efficient to make sure that the 15,000 undergraduates know. I also plan on becoming highly involved with the outreach committee.

2.Strengthening the relations between all of the college governments and opening channels of communication across the Campus. This will unify the campus. I will also continue the Council of Chairs.

3.Increase Diversity on campus-I believe that if UCSC can become a more diverse campus it will become a richer place for academia

Why students should vote for me:

I believe that SUA does not represent the students properly. I want to make sure that SUA will always represent the students! With outreach and unity throughout the campus SUA will properly represent the undergraduate Students of UCSC!

*Internal Vice Chair*

Samantha Baker (SF), First year, Politics

Experience: ABSA SUA Rep, SUA Student Life Committee, UC Wide African Black Coalition Planning Committee (UCSC), Destination Higher Education: Retention Program Volunteer, Ethnic Studies Planning Committee, UC Wide Student of Color Planning Committee (UCSC)

Three issues:

1.SCOC Visibility (Outreach)

2.SUA>Org Relationship

3.SUA>Student Relationship

Why students should vote for me:

Students at UC Santa Cruz should vote for me because I am an action oriented, assertive, and productive candidate who prefers to achieve results rather than speak of coming up with accomplishments. I honestly set apart from my opponent in my strong passion for SUA and my complete devotion to creating change. Moreover, I am an active participant for many on and off campus organizations and committees.

Eric Street (I), Second year, Economics

Experience: Vice-Chair of Internal Affairs (1yr.), Judicial Board (1yr), Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) (2 yr.), Student Committee on Committees (SCOC) Chair

Last Year: SUA Rep to SUA; Oakes Senate; SCOC Treasurer;

Three Issues:

1. Work to further develop and implement the SUA Strategic Outreach Plan that I am currently working on with the current SUA Chair.

2. Building coalitions between SUA and other organizations, groups, constituencies to support campaigns on-campus.

3. Further develop/expand the SCOC with particular attention to implementing the SCOC Strategic Plan 2006-2008 that we have worked to construct.

Why students should vote for me:

I have served my college and my campus in a number of capacities and have developed a strong record of success. In my current capacity as the current Internal Vice-Chair, I have actively worked to develop the SCOC (which the IVC Chairs) as well as make SUA is more accessible and visible to students. Before being elected, I served in both spaces and in a number of positions. I have spent the last two years developing relationships with students, organizations, and campus decision-makers. With respect to my opponent, she has served for less than two full quarters in the SUA and has had no relationship with the SCOC or campus committees. I feel that what our campus needs is strong leadership, a proven track record of success, and a vision for the future and I believe I am best for the position.

*External Vice Chair*

Hailey Snow (SF), Second year, Legal Studies

Experience: College Ten President and SUA representative, Officer Intern for the Internal Vice Chair and External Vice Chair, Committee Vice Chair for the SCOC, and organizing experience including the state-wide Womyn of Color Conference, Lyrical Union, National Ethnic Studies Conference, and UCSA and USSA legislative conferences.

Three Issues:

1.Voter registration

2.Re-drafting the Santa Cruz Party Ordinance

3.Conducting In-District lobby visits

*Commissioner of Diversity*

Solymar Sola-Negron, First year, Community Studies & Independent Ethnic Studies major

Experience: MEChA Core member,SUA, Intern to the External Vice Chair, and Chair, College ten Government

Three issues:

1.Work with various marginalized communities on campus in order to better create an inclusive community through committee’s and focus groups to work on issues relevant to the campus community and its inclusiveness.

2.Work with a focus group to document and make aware Hate Crime/ Bias Incidents on campus.

3.Assist in programming for marginalized students on campus in making Students First!!!

*Commissioner of Acacdemic Affairs*

Jamal Atiba (I), Second year, Legal Studies & History

Experience: Vice President of External Affairs for College 9, SUA (Student Union Assembly), SCOC (Student Committee on Committees), Academic Senate and SFAC (Student Fee Advisory Committee), and SFAC representative for SUGB (Student Union Governance Board).

Three Issues:

1) I will work on creating an ethnic studies program/department, bring back journalism, and increasing classes in selected areas such as the arts and languages.

2) I will work with the IVC in order to collaborate with Academic Senate committee representatives, and the College appointed Academic Senate representatives to create a strategy for furthering student goals.

3) I will work to make sure that SUA actually represents students, is accountable for its actions and works to the end of informing students of the issues and eliciting their opinions.

Why Students should vote for me:

A student should vote for me for three main reasons:

1) I have identified three areas of academic weakness, goals for their improvement and created a corresponding, executable plan of action for fulfilling these goals. For bringing ethnic studies to this campus, I will create a plan/proposal and present it to the Academic Senate and any relevant committees within. Simultaneously, I will work with student Academic Senate representatives on committees such as CEP, (Committee on Educational Policy), and CPB, (Committee on Planning and Budget), to create a strategy that will allow us to pass the proposal for ethnic studies.

2) I will not limit my focus to minority interests, but will represent the needs of all students at UCSC. I will institute, (at minimum), quarterly visits to all college governments and as many organizations as time permits in order to elicit information from students on the state of UCSC academics. In addition, I will pass along as much information as I can about Academic Senate issues.

3) I know a great deal about the Academic Senate, (the faculty body on campus that I would be primarily working with), its function/purpose and the role that students must play in it in order to achieve our goals. I will work with the Internal Vice Chair to make sure that Academic Senate committees have as much student representation as possible. I will also work with college governments to ensure that every one has an Academic Senate representative, which I will strategize and coordinate with.

Perla Miranda, Third Year, Math & LALS/Politics combined

Experience: SUA Representative from Kresge for two years, MEChA, Officer member of the Student Worker Coalition for Justice, and Commissioner of Diversity intern twice.

Three Issues:

1. Continue with the Ethnic Studies committee and develop similar committees to improve majors or start other studies that students believe are necessary on this campus, such as journalism and language studies.

2. Work to have a student representative on all committees that pertain to academic policies on this campus, and have a student vote in the Academic Senate.

3. Collaborate with students for the retention and support for faculty of color.

Why students should vote for me:

I decided to run for this specific position because of my own personal college experience. Due to the fact that I’m LALS major, I didn’t want to limit my studies to this area. I was disappointed to find out that this campus lacks an ethnic studies department, as well as a journalism major, and has an underdeveloped languages studies program. I’m sure that other students on this campus have also felt disappointed with their educational experience in various areas. If elected as Commissioner of Academic Affairs, I would work to find out what it is that students want and develop realistic solutions to these issues. I have a passion for student government, to represent the undergraduate body of UCSC, and to improve the college experience of students, and that is why students should vote for me.

*Organizing Director*

David Partida, Second year, Community Studies & Chicana/o Studies

Experience: M.E.Ch.A de UCSC External Vice Chair, Board of Directors for ORALE, e^2,

Three issues:

1. Wage parity program

2 Outreach program towards Native American Community

3. Anti-Military recruitment workshops in Santa Cruz community, specifically the Beach Flats and Live Oaks area.