Dear Editor of the City on a Hill Press:

Thank you for consecutive, informative articles highlighting the Student

Art Movement’s work on the UCSC campus. However, your article

seemingly credits Christina Wang as sole leader of the organization.

Your previous piece specifically on the SAM made proper mention that

Ms. Wang was one of three leaders within the organization. Fellow

leaders Lindsay Winslow and Mollye Chudacoff are the group’s founders

and serve no less an important role in that organization.

Understandably, your intention was not to downplay their roles in the

SAM but, it cannot go unmentioned that these two hard workers’

efforts go unnoticed and uncredited in your article. Ms. Winslow and Ms.

Chudacoff’s fellow group members need no reminders of their

accomplishments, but your readers are less informed for the omitted


Sincerely,<br/>Robert E. Cich<br/>Spencer, OK