By Nick Parker

Acutely aware of the growing hip-hop scene in Santa Cruz, City on a Hill Press (CHP) was honored to be able to interview local rapper, Sincere. Sincere’s sound is a laid-back, smooth take on hardcore hip-hop that is something like a more sinister version of The Game. His career has been filled with trial and tribulation, but now he is reaping the dividends of nine years of hard work as a struggling artist.

Sincere, with rap crew The Warlordz, is coming fresh off of a nearly sold out show at the Catalyst featuring legendary lyricists Pep Love and Murs. The Warlordz contagious, hardcore hip-hop sound had the crowd moving with such intensity that fellow Warlord, Ghambit, had to throw water off-stage to cool them down. In the past, Sincere has also had the distinguished pleasure to share the stage with big names such as Mistah FAB, The Hieroglyphics, Killah Priest, The Grouch, Zion I, and many others. “Shine on Anybody” is a street album featuring a compilation of Sincere’s newest projects that’s hitting stores on June 14th?. The album features R-Mean, Mike B, fellow Warlordz, and Showbiz of 102.5 KDON. Influenced by Life and the streets of Watsonville, “Shine on Anybody” is a step above the average gangsta mixtape, because it is truth. CHP: Which tracks were mix tape tracks, and whose beats were they? Sincere: This project is actually called a street album, which is about a half and half mixed production of mainstream jacked beats that I flipped, and some original production. My original producers on the album are, Tank Tycoon, Cause the Product, Jerms, Rizzen One, Tugboat, Stan Kley, Snowhite the Product, Dj Pumba, who are all from the area.

CHP: What do you think of Watsonville and the 831? Sincere: I think Watsonville has always been separated from the 831. I think if you ask someone from Salinas or Santa Cruz the same question they would say the same thing about where they were from even though we’re all in the 831.. I’ve been in the game for bout 9 years now and have seen crazy amounts of talent in the area… the 831 is an untapped source on the real, just a matter of time before we get some shine… I personally am tryin’ to connect and move outward… with all areas in the central coast connecting we can do some damage. You also gotta think about areas like Soledad an’ Greenfield, parts of the 831 you don’t really hear about. You can look forward to projects with Sincere through out the whole central coast.

CHP: Were any songs inspired by real events that happened to you? Like any crazy stories, or something hard that happened. Sincere: This whole album is influenced by my real life, from songs like "So Much Pain" or "Missin You," talking about harsh realities of street life to "Hard Times" or "All I Got is You" where I talk about regular life n bein’ a young single father trying to raise my little girl. I also got the usual so-called gangster shit, but I wouldn’t call it that. I just speak what I’ve seen and been through, also a lot of reference to two of my close homies that have recently past away… Chris Carr and Abraham pinto. Rest In Peace.

CHP: Who produced you? Who is DJ Vlad? Sincere: This album was recorded at Premeir Studios mixed and mastered by Tank Tycoon. Dj Vlad is a world-wide mixtape DJ responsible for projects like Tupac "Rap Phenomenon" The Game "Devil’s Advocate" and Biggie duets. He’s also got a bunch of DVDs out right now. He has set and continues to set big marks in the hip-hop world

CHP: What sponsorships or awards or accolades do you have? Sincere: Awards just that I’m doing my “thang.” I’m alive at 23, I have a beautiful three-year-old daughter and I’m doing what I’m destined to do. Wouldn’t be possible without my family, INEFFABLE RECORDS, Almighty Aziz, Ghambit, Igor an Yuri Katz, Thomas Cussins, San Kley and all my sponsors: Make sure you check me out at: MYSPACE.COM/SIN831.