By Rachel Tennenbaum

In this Q&A we will explore an avenue not often taken in the world of news: getting cozy with the public.

Once a week CHP will sit down with a member of the Santa Cruz community and ask them questions ranging from the amusing to the intimate. Because he’s not just the cable guy- he’s got a whole package of thoughts whirling around in his head, and we’d like to know what’s going on. This column is for the curious.

Meet Jon Scofield, carpenter specialist with Physical Plant (UC Santa Cruz’s skilled trade workers).

City on a Hill Press: What were you doing just now?

Jon Scofield: I was looking to repair railing on a stairway that a car had bumped into [moving in].

CHP: What’s your favorite animal? Or one that you identify with?

Scofield: Dogs have to be my favorite animal. I think they’re great animals to talk to, and they don’t talk back. You can tell them anything, they’re loving. I have two dogs, black labs – Tess and Maya. Tess is 10 and Maya is three.

CHP: How are you right now?

Scofield: I’m good, for a Monday. Monday is my least favorite day of the week.

CHP: What’s a food you like to eat?

Scofield: I like fruits and vegetables. I like meat, chicken. I like fish, shrimp, halibut, salmon. Ice cream, popsicles. My wife has me eating these natural fruit popsicles now, they’re good.

CHP: What do you like about your job?

Scofield: I like the variety of it, and getting to go all over campus and not being stuck in one place. I get to go over the whole campus and see a lot of people. And I like doing cabinetry and finish work.

CHP: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Scofield: For a while I wanted to be an architect, and then I wanted to a pharmacist. I never followed through on that, though. Instead I became a carpenter.

CHP: Do you have certain ideas, convictions or life philosophies that you hold to be true?

Scofield: Just to be confident, and then you’ll be able to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Have confidence in yourself and be honest with people.

CHP: A few favorite things about being alive?

Scofield: I like my family. My family is probably the most important thing to me. And my job is pretty important to me, and I like doing sport activities – softball, golf, fishing, camping.

CHP: When do you feel “in the groove”? What makes your heart soar?

Scofield: Probably finishing a fine piece of furniture, and seeing the end product.

CHP: Do you think world peace is possible?

Scofield: Yes, I do. But it’s going to take a lot of work from everybody.

CHP: What’s a fear that you have?

Scofield: I would probably fear jumping out of an airplane. War and mean people, that some people are going to cause me harm, or cause my friends harm, anger. There are a lot of bad people out there. I guess I’m afraid of some of those people coming across my paths, or my family’s paths, or my friends.

CHP: Birthday?

Scofield: Sept. 23, 1957. I just turned 50. It feels about the same, I think. It’s just a number.