By CHP Staff

In this Q&A we will explore an avenue not often taken in the world of news: getting cozy with the public. Once a week CHP will sit down with a member of the Santa Cruz community and ask them questions ranging from the amusing to the intimate. Because he’s not just the cable guy he’s got a whole package of thoughts whirling around in his head, and we’d like to know what’s going on.

This week we got some coffee and stopped to chat with Georgia Dwyer, a UCSC alum and barista at Java Junction.

Your shift is going well?

Yeah, I’m working with two of my favorite people.

Why do you like working at a coffeehouse?

Well this coffeehouse in particular is very relaxed and really good people come in here. And there’s lots of light; I’m really big on the environment that I work in and

being comfortable.

What is your favorite day of the week?

Sunday now, because it’s my day off. Both my roommates and my friend all have Sundays off, we’re just going to chill and make art.

What kind of art do you do?

I make earrings and I paint and I crochet. I do lots of craft stuff.

Do you have a favorite kind of weather?

No I don’t. For different moods I like different weather. I really love the sun and really hot summers. But when it’s too sunny for too long I miss the rain.

When do you feel your best?

When I’m dancing and when I’m acting and when I’m doing art. And when I’m with my boyfriend.

Do you have a dream job?

Yeah, I want to be an actress, a performer. It doesn’t really matter where, I just want to be happy in my environment. I want to be part of a cool project, whether it’s cool funky art or really socially or politically, tells a message. I’m really into trying to do independent film, but I’ve also been doing theater for a long time. I love performing.

Do you think that world peace is possible?

There needs to be a lot of healing before that can happen, but yeah. I think it’s possible, anything is possible.

If someone asked you for one good piece of advice, what would that be?

Don’t stress and live your life with compassion and love, an abundance of it.

Do you have a favorite dessert?

Chocolate in any form, oh, double rainbow double chocolate chocolate chocolate ice cream from Trader Joe’s. Also cheesecake, and crème brulee, French desserts.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?

Probably France or Brazil. I love France, I lived in Paris for a little while or at home, with my mom and my sister and my dad.