Reading the CHP story about the alleged censorship by pro-Israel groups reminded me of a film course I took at Stevenson. We viewed Nazi propaganda films. The filmmakers portrayed the Germans as victims of ethnic bias and foreign aggression. Mr. Abizeid and the CHP portray some professors as victims because of their pro-Palestinian positions, when the opposite is actually the case. For example: in July 2006, Professor Burke wrote an article in Currents that was anti-Israel, anti-American and Nazi-like in its tone. When I requested an opportunity to rebut Burke, I was at first told OK, then the offer was withdrawn when the editor disagreed with my position. Only after numerous rewrites and legal consultations did my article appear, some two months later. Who is censoring whom? A couple of years ago fliers publicizing Palestinian Media expert Itamar Marcus’ lecture were vandalized by a UCSC professor who has never been punished for this. University departments seem to stand in line to sponsor anti-Israel speakers but are usually absent when scholars such as Daniel Pipes, Phyllis Chesler or Barry Rubin come to campus. Those controlling the flow of information at UCSC are complaining because there are a few courageous people who will not accept their desire to monopolize the debate. Don’t we deserve to hear all sides and not just what a few professors want us to hear.

*Gil Stein*