Joseph Massad, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein et al, fail the grade of teaching and scholarship. (Just delve into Google to learn more about what these ‘Intellectual jihadists’ teach, write, and speak about).

Academic Freedom is not a freedom to lie, incite hatred, and/or distort the facts, which the above-mentioned professors and many others do these days, regretfully. Therefore, they should be stripped of their credentials as they lack academic honesty and integrity. Worse, their acts aid the enemy of America and the West; and they do so at time of war. Truly shameful!

And these poor "victimized professors" find it easier to use Israel as their scapegoat. Israel, our best ally, is in the front line not only trying to defend her own existence but also democracy and freedom for us all.

Further, who really silences these professors? They write books, articles and speak everywhere. It seems that they tend to prevent others from speaking out and exposing their distortions thus bemoaning that they are being silenced where in fact they are simply being criticized.

Bravo to Campus Watch, StandWithUs etc. for being there to defend true academic freedom, to defend the precious minds of our youth!

*Rachel Terry*