I am very concerned with amount of bias towards the “silencing” from foundations such as Stand With Us and the David Project. … Coming from a town and high school that had close contact with these organizations, I know for a fact that is the opposite of their purposes as Israel advocates, if anything what they are trying to promote is unbiased and purely political debates opposed to ones that are full of hate and emotion. It’s a very sad thought to see a school that prides itself on tolerance and open-mindedness to start going on a path that will only lead to the opposite, purely mainstream media that dictates most college campuses. Though the article does have some valid points, that some people use their emotions as opposed to logic and rationality when it comes to the subject.

Mainly, what I fail to see in this article is the fact that these anti-Israeli professors don’t acknowledge the harm and the pain that Israelis (non-Jews and Jews alike) go through on a day-to-day basis because of the terrorist organizations that the Palestinians advocate so much.

Furthermore, this article is very one-sided and doesn’t even attempt to give the other side. I saw no attempt to talk to the many organizations that this article denounces. It’s a shame because if the article wasn’t so one-sided it could have been very compelling, and perhaps even an awakening to those advocates of Israel that focus too much on anti-Semitism and the emotions behind the politics. I hope this is more helpful than anything, and I want you to know this email is coming from a point of view trying to open a friendly debate that leads to more positive and productive voices.

*Arielle Gross*