Why support Ron Paul? So many do because they look for evidence of what a candidate will do in their record. Paul has been consistent throughout his 20-year career in the House of Representatives. He doesn’t promise his constituents any candy or cookies, and in fact refuses to take part in congressional junkets or the lucrative congressional pension plan.

Ron Paul is always going on and on about his oath of office: to protect the Constitution. In 20 years he has NEVER voted for higher taxes, an imbalanced budget and any function of the federal government that is not authorized by the Constitution. Does this seem scary? Consider this: most public schooling is funded at the local and state level and also this: any resources the government “has” to fund education is taken from citizens. Paul defends the peoples right to direct their own education and not have it dictated by the government (imagine Geo. W. Bush teaching us history!)

Barack Obama says we should make the penalties for crack and powder cocaine equal. (He also has the endorsement of the Prison Guards Union.) Ron Paul suggests that the government actually DOESN’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO IMPRISON ANYONE FOR ANY DRUG THEY TAKE.

Ron Paul is the only candidate I have come across who is categorically against killing people. I appreciate that in a human being. Ron Paul resists executive wars, executive secrecy and executive privilege. So while Hillary and Obama salivate over the enormous executive trigger they seek to control, and Giuliani’s answer to everything is to put people in prison, Ron Paul rejects expanding presidential power and advocates only going to war legally with a declaration from Congress following an open and thorough debate. Imagine that. Other than that there’s some other stuff about getting out of the World Bank, IMF, WTO, abolishing the IRS, getting rid of the Department of Homeland Security, and basically stopping the government from STEALING ALL OUR MONEY.

I know he’s a complex candidate, please check it out on Google and Youtube and make up your own mind. Don’t believe what the television tells you because they lie to you all the time.

*Ron Paul Republicans*