The article “Casual Sex: Enjoy It While You Can” was one of the most absurd “articles” I’ve ever read. It’s really just someone taking one personal experience and applying it to everyone else. Reaching some kind of sexual epiphany about one’s sex life does not mean that wisdom must be disseminated to the promiscuous masses; it just means that the person who wrote this article is probably going to be getting a lot less action now that he or she will only have sex in a committed relationship.

The writer tries to come off as a “realist” but just ends up sounding snobby. I’m not ashamed of my “magic number,” which to me is nothing magical or extraordinary or scandalous, it’s just the number of people who I’ve had sex with. And I don’t experience awkwardness the next day, because I don’t try to make something out of it that it’s not. To me, that’s realism.

*Abby Goodman*