I read with interest your summary of the presidential candidate’s position on UAFA (“The Presidential Candidate Rundown,” Jan. 31).

In it, you mentioned that both of the Dems, Clinton and Obama, support the UAFA. I assumed you got that answer from the HRC questionaire that was released last year.

As happy as I am to hear that, I am disappointed to observe that their words does not match their actions. The Uniting American Families Act have been introduced and reintroduced for the past four sessions in congress. However, both Sens. Clinton and Obama, to date, have not signed on as co-sponsors. There are about 50,000 same sex binational couples struggling to stay together in this country and in the past two years, I have personally sent at least 10 couples who have to leave their family behind to live in exile with their partner in a country that accepts same sex immigration — there are 19 of them.

At the same time, if the both of them supports ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, why not have the conviction to introduce a bill to repeal it? That’s is what representatives in Congress do, isn’t it?

I wait for the day when our Democrats candidates have the conviction to fully support LGBT equality and actually have their action match their words.

*Regards,*<br/>*Amos Lim*