By Edith Yang
Diversity Reporter

The Filipino Student Association (FSA) is holding their 17th annual Pilipino Cultural Celebration (PCC) on April 25 and 26. This year’s theme is “Bayan,” which translates to “people” or “country.”

PCC attracts a growing number of audience members every year. The goal of PCC is to share Filipino culture and history with Santa Cruz.

Within a skit about the People Power Revolution that happened in the Philippines in 1986, there will be hip-hop dancing, an a cappella choir and ballroom dancing to depict the emotions of the time.

Rob Xavier Cruz, one of the coordinators of PCC, describes the diverse group of performance roles within the skit.

“It’s not just actors dictating a story,” Cruz said. “You’re seeing the emotions through dance, you’re hearing the emotions through singing. You’re seeing the emotions of all these stories portrayed in all these different lights and I think that’s one of the most essential things about PCC.”

The show’s theme, “Bayan,” reenacts the People Power Revolution’s powerful belief in unity.

Tyrone Ignacio, co-coordinator of PCC, hopes the show will demonstrate an important aspect of Filipino history.

“To me, the message is you can’t create change on your own,” Ignacio said. “Everything that you do, you need the support of other people.”

Airene Tomboc is one of the coordinators of FSA’s a cappella group Isang Himig.

“Everything sets the mood for the play,” Tomboc said. “We’re there as an asset to that storyline just like all the other aspects [of the show].”

“Through movement, you can tell the different types of emotions,” said first-year Joseph Canuto, member of FSA’s ballroom dancing troupe Kasama.

This year the PCC explores new territory.

“In the past, our shows were geared towards a more family-friendly environment,”Ignacio said. “We tried to touch on the issue without making it too risqué, but this year we really are not holding back. We really want to tell the whole story.”

Cruz looks forward to the event as well.

“In order to do something great, he said, “you have to take risks.”

PCC will take place on April 25 and April 26 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at the UCSC Ticket Office and cost $14 for adults, $11 for seniors, $10 for alumni and $12 for children and students with ID.