Dear Editor,

The article, “UC Workers Union Demands Change” (April 17) was very inspiring. After reading the article, I am proud to be a part of the student body here at UCSC. Students are actively involved in standing up for UC workers who work long hours for little pay in order to make our educational experience the best it can be.

Unfortunately, our UC workers are earning wages that force them to live below the poverty line. Students are essential to aiding their struggle for decent wages. By standing side-by-side with union workers, the students are adding a needed presence to the fight.

Articles like this, along with the six on-campus demonstrations, bring much desired publicity to the issue, yet the fight is far from over. The more people educated on the matter the greater the support will be. I invite my fellow students to join me and hundreds of other University of California students — not just UCSC students — in supporting the UC workers.

Sincerely,<br/>Christine Nichol