By Michael Phillips

The purpose of this series is to bring a different perspective to the world we see every day. We all assume the world we see during the day is the natural, default look. However, the world of the night is equally genuine. It is all the same stuff, only different wavelengths of light. Using various methods of lighting my subjects, I was able to create a different view of the world, a world I shaped with a few simple tools.

We all admire the beauty found on our campus and around Santa Cruz during the day; I hope after these pictures you find the beauty in the darkness around you. Whether it’s under the full moon, or a beauty you create yourself. Use the opportunity of night to allow you to see what’s not visible during the daylight hours.

<img src="images/mipe/MP1.jpg" />

<img src="images/mipe/MP2.jpg" />

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<img src="images/mipe/MP4.jpg" />

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<img src="images/mipe/MP6.jpg" />