Dear Editor,

I was emotionally struck by last week’s article “Santa Cruz Cyclists Demand Change” about Christopher Rock’s tragic bicycle death.

I strongly agree that better infrastructure and street signs for bicycle use should prevail, not just in Santa Cruz but elsewhere too. I myself feel adventurously unqualified to just ride my bike on campus, let alone downtown. And coming from Los Angeles, I can say that Mission Street is only child’s play compared to how bicycle-friendly other cities are.

Besides also “being sad and just being really pissed off,” I feel frightful as well.

It was soothing, however, that “cars full of supporters honked or cheered” during the tribute gathering. This shows that cars and cyclists can get along and that all we need is the transit support. Then perhaps more people will ride their bikes without fear that their ride might be the last one of their lives.

–Ruby Aguirre