Hi City on a Hill Press!

I am a freshman at UCSC and I have to say that I frequently read your paper and enjoy the plethora of information about college life, Santa Cruz city, and other topics that you provide.

This week the topic is "sexual healing" with the picture of a young woman in gaudy jewelry and underwear with rhinestones on it. I had no idea that the article would actually be about masturbation from the cover.

It just looked like another cheap trick to get people to pick up the magazine and it look at it.

I immediately wondered how this could get a front cover story in light of all of the controversies surrounding today’s public. The protests on prop eight has two articles attributed to it. These would have made for a great cover story.

The masturbation article is worthy and interesting. However, I do not feel that the article earned status as the main focus or theme of the entire paper.

As a woman, I feel degraded by both the front cover and the picture that accompanies the article within the paper.

The picture is quite a great many things about what type of women are sexually suppressed. The article is directed at women as an audience, yet these images seem to be geared towards a heterosexual man.

I look forward to reading your next issue and hope that your "liberal" media can remain, in fact, liberal.

Nicole Nemiroff