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Stelephant Colbert and Jon Sealwart

Ever wish you could have something cool named after you, such as the color Jay-Z Blue or the Trump Tower? Well, this goal has recently been achieved by two political commentators, Stephen Colbert of the The Colbert Report and Jon Stewart, anchor of the widely popular The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Instead of having a color or building named in their honor, these two satirists had blubbery elephant seals from the Año Nuevo State Natural Reserve named after them by UCSC biologist Don Costa.

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Stelephant Colbert and Jon Sealwart: elephant seals and Facebook celebrities

UCSC Doing What it Can to Help Those in Need

With the unfortunate position the economy is in right now, any fundraising event that can truly be called a success is a rare one indeed. Last Saturday such an event took place during UC Santa Cruz’s sixth annual Scholarship Benefit Dinner, which raised more than $165,000 for undergraduate scholarships. UCSC graduate Catalina Berumen recalls her own experience with these scholarships: “My scholarship was the catapult, the reason I have a story of pride and success to tell you.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel: UCSC scholarship dinner a success: $165K raised

Olympic Gold and a Marijuana Bong

Debatably the greatest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps was caught green-handed after a British newspaper published a photo of him smoking some Mary Jane. Creating all kind of buzz, this event opened everyone’s eyes to the fact that he is actually human and only 23 years old. “I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way,” Phelps said.

CNN: Phelps admits ‘bad judgment’ after marijuana-pipe photo