Dear Editor,

I find this latest City on a Hill issue to be extremely problematic in regards to the history of pornography article. In addition to one past issue on the controversy of masturbation, the cover images of these papers consistently exploit women’s sexuality and furthers their stereotypical forms of "seduction." In the case of this current article, women’s sexuality and objectification is never mentioned — the negative repercussions of the pornography industry and the effects it has on popular culture (and perhaps rape culture) is never addressed. You portray pornography as an art form and seemingly praise it in your article in describing a rather biased history of porn. City on a Hill Press fails to address the darker history of pornography and blames its downfall on the rise of conservatism. I find this article problematic because it fails to acknowledge and validate the negative aspects of pornography in the promotion of violence against women and male dominance.

Lately, City on a Hill Press has been continually trying to write about taboo and controversial issues in American society today and in doing so has also portrayed women in very sexualized and objective ways. I would greatly appreciate it if some thought could be given to these "controversial" topics in regards to the portrayal of women and NOT have sexualized images of mostly white women on your covers. In your writings, please apply a critical consciousness in regards to your subject and how you are constructing certain identities in you articles.

Thank you,

Lun Wang