At first glance, it seems that the  goal of the Apple iPhone is to have an application to take care of every problem and aspect of life. With the ability to help people participating in events ranging from biking up and down the trails of UC Santa Cruz, walking down Mission Street in search of a restaurant or looking for the best surfing spots in Santa Cruz, the iPhone has got a little something for everyone. Here’s our review of an innovative iPhone application.

Cost: Free

As all UCSC students know, the weather in Santa Cruz is unpredictable; that is, it was until the iPhone application came around. Taking advantage of the iPhone’s GPS system, this application provides up-to-the-minute weather reports and well-produced YouTube forecast videos. There is also its life-saving, patented weather alarm system that can be the difference between going to Joe’s soaked or staying in Classroom Unit 2 just five minutes longer to avoid the now-predictable UCSC downpours.