The Snow Report from The North Face

Cost: Free

Attention, Ski and Snowboard Club and snow sport enthusiasts: Take time out of partying to pick up this iPhone application so that when the time comes to prepare for the next trip, it will be an unequaled blast.

The Snow Report from the North Face application gives its user a detailed report on current and projected snow conditions and an accurate weather forecast. Whether checking out the Killington Resort in Vermont, the Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah or the traditional trip to Tahoe, this application will make sure the right gear is brought to match the current conditions. There are even viewable photos taken directly from each specific resort so that everyone will know what they’re heading into.

One unique feature that separates this application from other similar ones is the Trail Map, which contains a detailed lay of the land and constantly updated wind direction and speed information, so the best start-off site can always be chosen. While enjoying the beautiful snowy slopes, rest assured that this application covers all potential problems. If any gear breaks, just check out the location of the nearest North Face store.