Go back in history with the “CHP Flashback,” a column that brings back articles from the City on a Hill Press archives.

Spring, April 1, 1967

This week’s post features a article that covers the CIA’s unsuccessful attempt to appoint students who favored government agenda to high ranked positions in student organizations.

According to this article titled “CIA Foiled in Undercover Attempt at UC Santa Cruz”,  Cowell Hendeka, a new student coalition, once faced a take over by America’s espionage agency. The article reads, “Their plan, as can best be compiled from the bits and pieces of evidence which have trickled in, was to ‘stack’ the Hendeka with their own people or people sympathetic to their desires.”

In the same issue, planning commissioner Chris Wren reviews architecture plans for Kresge college, named College Six back when it was founded.  According to Wren, a former architect, the colleges main buildings show “complicated, fractured geometry without resorting to the fasionable 45 degree angle; it is ‘mod’ without being slangly. The emphasis of the design is on the specific configuration of parts revealing to the observer a physical dialogue within and between the various buildings.”

Click on the images to view the entire issue published 40 years ago on April 1, 1967.