Tailor Made is a regular column documenting different looks at UC Santa Cruz by Alex Zamora, a second-year art major and aspiring fashion photographer.

These students caught my eye this week with their mixed patterns and somewhat “grungy” look. Both of them are inspired by popular public figures and it’s not hard to see that their decisions to “cut and copy” certain ideas from these influences has paid off handsomely.


_dsc9062-version-2Anna Chang, Porter ’10
CHP: How would you describe your look and what inspires you?
I go on thesartorialist.com a lot to get ideas for mixing patterns. I like things that clash.
_dsc89591Leo Gomon, College 8 ’11
CHP: How would you describe your style? What are your influences?
If anything I guess I’d describe it as rock’n’roll. It’s harder to describe in words then it is to just dress up in it. I’m influenced heavily by the music I listen to. I some times get tips from the frontman of a group I like.