The Vent is a regular column providing UCSC students with a chance to complain and revel, with regard to anything happening in their life.


Michael Wan, College Ten ’11, economics

CHP: What are you bitching about?

Waiting in line at the dining hall sucks. The guy working swiping cards decided to joke around with one of the other coworkers about fake IDs instead of giving me back my ID.

What’s bitchin’?

I have never faced a bus that has turned me away.


Leslie Chavez, Cowell ’12, literature

What are you bitching about?

Finals are stressing me out– I have to write a fifteen page paper for Medical Humanities.

What’s bitchin’?

I’m going to Las Vegas for my birthday over spring break!


Robbie Ebuen, College Ten ’10, biology informatics

What are you bitching about?

The weather change is pretty bad for my health. I’m getting sick again. I’m more prone to sickness  when it’s cold-hot-cold-hot.

What’s bitchin’?

It’s not raining anymore!


Manal Hammoudeh (left), College Nine ’10, psychology

Rebecca Wage, College Nine ’10, politics

What are you bitching about?

I’m bitching about the word ‘neutral’– what does it mean? How can you be on a public university campus and have to think about censoring yourself? Major emphasis on the word ‘neutral’ and what the hell does it even mean.

— Manal Hammoudeh

What’s bitchin’?

I’m excited for spring break. I’m ready to get my bathing suits out of the closet.

— Rebecca Wage


Wendy Lei, College Ten ’12, biology

What are you bitching about?

The bathrooms are dirty, especially on the weekends.

What’s bitchin’?

The events and dances here are good, because it’s the only fun thing to do around here. Better than studying.