Time flies when you’re having fun.

For the past three years, City on a Hill Press has been my life. But now, as I face my imminent separation from the driving force of my college career, I can only offer one piece of advice to my fellow students: get involved.

Get involved in anything. Make an investment in an organization, in a project, in people. Put yourself out there, be a little vulnerable, face the outside world. You’ll be glad you did.

I joined the paper as a copy editor in the spring quarter of my freshman year simply as an excuse to read the paper each week. I immediately caught “the bug,” passing up sleep, staying up until the late hours just to see and know and feel that I was part of the news process.

From that day on, I knew what I wanted to do. I knew that I was in a special place.

CHP has given me so much. I’ve had access to locations, conversations and information I would completely miss otherwise. I’ve been able to ask questions, hear and share stories, all the while gaining a deeper understanding of this community.

But if that was it, it wouldn’t feel like this to leave.

I will miss everyone terribly, that much is obvious.

But CHP is more, much more. And though it’s an uphill battle to convince people I do not, in fact, work for the California Highway Patrol, I see great things in the paper’s future. The staff is full of imaginative, intelligent, passionate people who will champion the cause of journalism.

But the really odd part will be next quarter: seeing an unfamiliar cover for the first time, realizing that the paper can and will continue without me.

Recently, I’ve been trying to put words to the page for my final contribution to the paper’s content, finding myself utterly lacking the words to describe what my “legacy” will be to the paper.

Now it’s clear: I am confident that my legacy will lie in my successors, and I hope that I was able to inspire even a fraction of the extent that I was, and continue to be, inspired.

-Daniel Zarchy

Co-Editor in Chief


As the quarter comes to a close and students pack their bags for break and write furiously in their blue book finals, I close out my career at City on a Hill Press with a few final words.

Three years with this publication have gone too fast, but thinking back on what’s been printed on our pages, I’m astounded at the change that I’ve not only seen but also been lucky enough to report on. Now, it all flashes through my mind as a collage of cover stories, columns, countless images and quotes.

I’ve been able to view change in our country, state, city and campus through the stories of UCSC students. It’s in these newspaper clippings that I find a pathway back through the blur that has become my college memories.

So for all these unique stories, I thank the students of this campus and members of the Santa Cruz community who have been willing to share their words and have allowed me the pleasure of weaving them together and putting them into print. Thank you to all my friends and family hundreds of miles away from this city on a hill who went out of their way to read every story looking for my byline and offered endless encouragement. And thank you, finally, to every single member of this publication who never let me forget that I had their support, even if it meant sticking it out until dawn to be sure that the paper got on the stands the next day. It is because of all these people that I’ve been able to take so much from this experience, which has so defined my college career. Thank you. I had the time of my life.

-Samantha Thompson

Co-Editor in Chief

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