On Thursday, April 2, The Social Justice and Diversity Committee of Oakes College is holding a discussion regarding a recent City on a Hill Press (CHP) article about college stereotypes. The article, titled “What College Are You From?” interviewed students around campus about the stereotypes and reputations of the 10 colleges on campus.

A quote from a fifth-year student, which said that “Oakes is ghetto as fuck!” prompted discussion in the Oakes community about the article and perceptions of Oakes College.

In response, The Social Justice and Diversity Committee of Oakes College created a Facebook group, titled “Is Oakes Really ‘Ghetto as Fuck?'” to create dialogue about Oakes’ perceived stereotype and get community input to draft a letter of response to CHP.

Thursday’s open forum at Oakes Lounge invites members of the Facebook group to discuss the CHP article and have Oakes community members express their feelings about how they can dispel misconceptions about their college.

On the Facebook event page, the group wrote, “In these conversations, we can educate each other and others around us. We will be able to stop the misconceptions about our beautiful college.”

Oakes Community Forum
Thursday, April 2
8-10 p.m.
Oakes Guzman Room (next to Oakes Cafe)

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