The Vent is a regular column providing UCSC students with a chance to complain and revel, with regard to anything happening in their life.

Katharine Lathrop, College 9, '12, politics
Katharine Lathrop, College Nine '12, literature

What are you bitching about?

The food. I don’t like the food here. On campus or anywhere. I’d like to see more pasta in the dining halls.

Chris Weber, Merrill, '11, engineering
Chris Weber, Merrill '11, engineering

What are you bitching about?

The health center is crappy. Everything is outdated. [They] said I would get over my sickness soon, and I am not!

Shehba Shahab, College 9, '12, information systems management
Shehba Shahab, College Nine '12, information systems management

What are you bitching about?

I don’t really like the dining hall food. Thats about all.

Callin Curry (right), Stevenson, '12, literature and Jasim Avila (left), Oakes, '12, health sciences
Callin Curry (right), Stevenson '12, literature and Jasim Avila (left), Oakes '12, health sciences

What are you bitching about?

C.C.: The bus. I was waiting for a bus for 30 minutes one time.

J.A.: Budget cuts. Same old, same old.

C.C.: And [the proposed cut of] community studies, like is everyone is complaining about.

Anything thats bitchin’?

C.C.: Slug Day was good though.

Sydni Phelps (right), Merrill, '10, literature and Erik Akullian (left), Stevenson, '10, psychology
Sydni Phelps (right), Merrill '10, literature and Erik Akullian (left), Stevenson '10, psychology

What are you bitching about?

S.P.: Girls that wear no bra. Yet there are different perceptions on this. I want to see how I feel about it, if I should do it. But like, I think people pay more attention to me than they really do.

E.A.: Everyone does, dude.

And whats bitchin’?

E.A.: 4/20. I wonder if they are scheduling tours on that day.

E.A.: We had a rap battle in Oakes last month and that was really, really sick.

Curious? Watch the rap battle here.