Tailor Made is a regular column documenting different looks at UC Santa Cruz by Alex Zamora, a second-year art major and aspiring fashion photographer.

Among many new delights that come with spring, our lovely website has become lovelier as well. Unfortunately this article got lost during the website redesign, but sure enough, we shall persevere and move forward. Here’s a re-cap of what the post was like. Enjoy!


_dsc08671 James Farmer, Porter ’12

CHP: What inspires your colorful style?

A lot of it is inspired by the music I listen to like electronic, some metal, some hip-hop, just a lot of different types. I like to try to dress differently from everyone else.

CHP: Where did you get that belt?

I don’t remember but probably some random, little, trendy shop like Hot Topic!

_dsc08781Amanda Jackson, Cowell “11

CHP: What inspires your sunny disposition?

Children! When I get dressed in the morning I try to pick out what I’d wear as a 5-year-old. If I like it, I wear it.

_dsc09621Sally He, College 8 ’12

CHP: What makes your style spring to life?

Colors! I always try to add a little something of color to all of my outfits.

CHP: Where do you shop to get the best colors?

I got this skirt at American Apparel, but I mostly shop at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and online.

_dsc08842Nastassia Godoy, Oakes ’12

CHP: What do you like about spring styles?

I’m from SoCal, so I’m where it’s always really warm. I usually wear flip-flops and dresses. I don’t like tight stuff. I always try to dress comfortable, cute and colorful!

CHP: Where did you get that shirt?

This shirt is from Crossroads. I generally only shop at thrift stores so I get a lot of cheap, nice clothes. The only non-thrift store I shop at is Forever 21.