Photos by Alex Zamora.

Picturesque sunsets and warm evenings set the scene in Santa Cruz for spring fashion. UCSC’s fields boast beautiful bouquets of wildflowers and breathtaking views.

Spring fashions are as varied as the blooms that welcome the season. While a coat might seem heavy for spring, a light trench or cotton blazer is an easy way to be practical and look sharp throughout the day. Navys, blacks, whites, and metallics are always classic and are a “go” for any season, but don’t forget to be bold and make it your own. Remember it’s not the chain stores that have all the deals — thrift stores have plenty of options at fantastic prices. Go vintage and take advantage of the clothes and the local surroundings waiting for you whenever you need a new muse.

Spring brings about a reversal in personal style. The color palette changes from the darks of winter attire to the lights of spring frocks and bright colors. Sandals and flats replace winter boots, and sunglasses will be a year-round Californian classic. While some trends persevere through the seasons, some touches are particular to spring. Pastels and floral prints are perfect harbingers to the season. Living in Santa Cruz provides us with a beautiful backdrop to any outfit along with unpredictable weather — which provides countless opportunities to layer up or layer down, sometimes multiple times in the same day.

Panther Beach is perfect for barbecuing or escaping the stresses of school. These UCSC students, dressed in crisp eyelet dresses and button-down shirts, model a few examples of different styles that compliment spring. Brightly colored shorts and skirts are a must — just don’t forget that SPF.