Tailor Made is a regular column documenting different looks at UC Santa Cruz by Alex Zamora, a second-year art major and aspiring fashion photographer.

It seems like the weather is playing bully with us lately; one day there’s beautiful blue skies and overwhelming hot sunshine and the next it’s wafting, whirling grey clouds and frosty winds.

It’s almost as if the weather is saying, “Go ahead and try to pick the right outfit, I guarantee it’s going to be wrong!”

Still, my search for the best-dressed and most interesting fashionistas on campus continues. This week I decided to focus on the classic look of high-waisted skirts with tucked-in shirts. Simple and great for all occasions, perfect for sticking it to the weather.

_dsc0879Angela Yonker, Merrill ’12

CHP: What is your style modeled after?

Lately I’ve been on a cowboy kick, but I kinda just wear whatever I like and looks good.


CHP: Where did you get your lofty skirt?

Forever 21. I sometimes buy things hideously huge or weird-fitting and then go in and fix it myself. Like this skirt!

She follows the bottom of her skirt with her hand, showing me a handful of pins and needles holding up the hem.

I like tailoring my own clothes, but lately I haven’t had enough time to finish them!

CHP: One of the things that made me come over and talk to you is your hair, it’s great! what inspired you?

Thanks! I really like asymmetrical cuts. I was once reading an art textbook and it said that humans go for symmetry because it’s “beautiful.” So I try to be as unsymmetrical as possible.

_dsc1048Kelly Walker, Merrill ’11

CHP: What inspires your lofty look?

I like to wear things that I feel comfortable in and I like to wear a lot of colors. I try to dress sophisticated with a classic touch.

CHP: Do you have any outfits you’re excited to wear for spring?

Actually, I like winter better! I try to use my winter clothes in spring as much as possible.

CHP: Does the music you listen to influence your style?

Not at all!

A friend chimes in as they both laugh at the idea.

But I listen to classical music and I said I like to dress classy, so maybe it does.


_dsc1082Julie Arenz, College 8 ’12

CHP: You have a very charming outfit on, how did you come by these clothes?

I pretty much get all my clothes from thrift stores or on the side of the road! I made a pact to myself to never buy anything new again. It gets hard with underwear.

CHP: What thrift stores do you go to most?

I go to the Bargain Barn and I always check the free box at the Kresge Co-op.

She’s quick to point out the modest converted bookshelf outside of the small store, which constantly has clothes and miscellaneous things that students can leave and take at their leisure.

There’s also a free clothes store back home and I used to make a lot of my clothes, but it’s harder now in college.