Tailor Made is a regular column documenting different looks at UC Santa Cruz by Alex Zamora, a second-year art major and aspiring fashion photographer.

In southern California, there’s a Walgreens-esque store called Thrifty’s where I used to get a big scoop of ice cream for a dollar. Not only was it inexpensive, but they used an ice-cream scooper that produced square-shaped ice cream. You can imagine how exciting this is.

It was my first, square, rainbow sherbert ice cream cone that made me realize being thrifty was sweet. This week’s fashion-forward students take a step backwards in time with vintage threads and talk about how shopping at thrift stores and revamping your old clothes can produce smart, modern looks.


Rod Guadalupe, Porter ’11

CHP: Your outfit looks fly and expensive; What makes it thrifty?

My stuff looks expensive but it’s not. This shirt I’m wearing was originally $200, but I got it for $20. My jeans were custom made by my friend who’s an artist.

CHP: How do you pick the clothes you buy?

I just get inspired by weird stuff, like things I see at flea markets.


CHP: How would you describe your style and is it hard to match colors so well?

I’d describe my style as urban fashion with a twist. It’s hard sometimes to match colors if there’s a few random colors. People think I have an infinite amount of clothing because I always have a different outfit on, but the secret is that you just have to mix and match your shirts and hats. Just doing that will make a new outfit every time.



Hannah Gullixson, Porter ’09

CHP: I hear that you wrote a Sociology resarch paper on fashion blogs. What are some of your favorite blogs and what did you focus on in your paper?

Some of my favorite blogs are seaofshoes.com, garbagedress.blogspot.com, and fashionologie.com. Basically my thesis was on how blogs were a source for developing new fashion trends. I also found it amazing how influential they are to magazines!

CHP: What are you wearing and where did you get it?

This top is actually a t-shirt that my roommate cut up, so I wore it. I had to wear my scarf because it got cold! And I love these shoes – I could wear them everyday!

CHP: Do you shop at thrift stores often?

Yes, I love anything vintage. If it’s long I’ll cut it short and make it my own. One of my favorite stores to shop at in Santa Cruz is Front Street Vintage because they always have 50% off everything.



Corinne P. Enni, Kresge ’10

CHP: What inspires your style?

Well today it was hot so I wanted to wear something comfortable and bright. I hardly wear darks, it’s usually bright colors and dresses.

CHP: Where do you like to shop?

I like shopping the thrift center downtown and I really love Salvation Army! I got my shoes on etsy.com and the dress was given to me by my sister.

CHP: Who’s your fashion icon?

My biggest fashion icon is Katy Humphreys. I met her a couple of years ago. She wears ripped tights a lot so I thought it’d be okay to wear them too.

She looks at her leg as she flashes a smile.