City on a Hill Press is dedicated to informing students about the spring campus elections and as a part of this effort, we are profiling the candidates for the Student Union Assembly officer positions. Voting started Wednesday, May 13th and continues through this Wednesday, May 20th. Vote online at

First-year Oakes student Claudia Magana is running for SUA Organizing Director. She is double majoring in sociology and politics, along with a minor in education. Currently, Magana is an Oakes representative for SUA.

CHP: How did you get involved in SUA?

I got a call in the summer from Victor Sanchez who was trying to recruit incoming freshmen to get involved with SUA. He asked me if I wanted to work on the Nov. 9th campaign to get people registered to vote. I just got really involved from there. I had always wanted be in the student government in high school but never really was handed the opportunity.
CHP: Why are you running for Organizing Director and what experience qualifies you for the position?

Since then I have been an intern for the External Vice Chair, I organize around issues that the External Vice Chair advocates like access and affordability for education. The reason why I am running for Organizing Director is because I realize while working as an intern that I love to organize and have a lot of new ideas on where to do it and how to do it.

CHP: What do you plan on doing if you’re elected?

I plan on organizing around the current student transportation issues on campus as well as working closely with student and worker relations. I am a big advocate for workers’ rights.

CHP: What projects do you have in mind?

I really want to establish a Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) chapter. This would allow for me to gain experience with workers and get other students involved.

CHP: What issues are you most concerned about?

Mainly, I would like to help create transparency and awareness around the budget cuts. What it comes down to is what needs the most advocacy at the time.


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