The results are in for the Student Union Assembly (SUA) elections that occurred May 13th-May 20th. Kalwis Lo won his re-election for the SUA Chair with 52 percent of the vote. Tiffany Loftin, Victor Sanchez, and Matthew Palm ran unopposed and won their re-elections for SUA Internal Vice Chair, External Vice Chair, and Commissioner of Academic Affairs, respectively.

For the two other disputed positions, Claudia Magana won for SUA Organizing Director with about 58 percent of the vote and Leda Hernandez ran a tight race with her opponent Omar Villa, winning with a little over 52 percent of votes.

A full breakdown of election results for SUA Officer and College Representatives after the jump.

Bold denotes winner of the election. The breakdown includes total number of student votes and percentage won.

SUA Officers

Student Union Assembly Chair
Kalwis Lo, 1033 votes, 52.01%
Scott Matsumoto, 719 votes, 36.20%
Timothy Lindvall, 234 votes, 11.78%

Internal Vice Chair
Tiffany Loftin, 1,772 votes, 100%

External Vice Chair
Victor Sanchez, 1,833 votes, 100%

Commissioner of Academic Affairs
Matthew Palm, 1,775, 100%

Organizing Director
Claudia Magana, 1,072 votes, 58.10%
Evelyn Lara-Lopez, 773 votes, 41.90%

Commissioner of Diversity
Leda Hernandez, 1,018 votes, 52.12%
Omar Villa, 935 votes, 48.88%

SUA College Representatives

Oakes College
Amanda Buchanan, 198 votes, 100%

Stevenson College
Ian Hunter, 190 votes, 100%

College Nine
Harneel Lally, 176 votes, 100%

Cowell College
Jennifer de la Torre, 153 votes, 100%

Kresge College
Nestor Rivera, 181 votes, 100%

College Ten
Michelle Romero, 149 votes, 100%

College Eight
Robert Singleton, 167 votes,65.49%
Brendan McNulty, 88 votes, 34.51%

Merrill College
Caitlin Grams, 253 votes, 100%