Tailor Made is a regular column documenting different looks at UC Santa Cruz by Alex Zamora, a second-year art major and aspiring fashion photographer.

I am always intrigued by clothes that either have multi-purposes, hidden textures or secret colors that pop out at you when you least expect them. These little gems are the hidden “Waldos” of the heavily populated fashion world.

This post focuses on some great looks that required me to look a little harder to really notice all of the detail in each outfit. These extra little touches can range from an especially detailed, unexpected design on the front of an otherwise common dress to a delightfully textured print that appeals to multiple senses. Enjoy!

Note: I had the pleasure of getting pictures of these following two fashionistas, but not much more then that. I apologize for the lack of an interview but I thought I’d write about why I took their pictures.

dsc_3625Downtown Fashionista

Though I didn’t quite catch this girl’s name, her outfit definitely caught me off guard. Even as I write this I forget if her dress was actually textured or just a really intriguing print. She matched it perfectly with a contrasting leopard purse, big sun hat and boots to make a great, light outfit that’s perfect for the approaching warm summer days.

dsc_3613Rocky Davis, visiting student

At first Rocky’s look was quite common to my eye, but after a second glance I was totally caught up in her rolled up sleeves that had yellow print on them. That combined with her green zebra sunglasses and fedora really make for an interesting look that takes a few seconds to digest and really appreciate.

dsc_3582Anya Kvitka, Stevenson ’09

CHP: You have a very specific look. How did you develop your style?

I think it mostly comes from glam movies from the 40’s and 50’s; Ginger Rogers, Fred Estaire kind of movies. Also, I love pin-up girls from that era. They are definitely an inspiration.

CHP: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

I love to shop at thrift stores because you can find something no one else has around you and I definitely do a fair amount online. You can find some really good stuff online – there are way more choices!

CHP: What are you must-have clothing items for spring?

My must-have clothing item for spring is definitely a long, solid-colored halter dress and some amazing flat sandals.

CHP: Are you from NorCal or SoCal, and do you feel that that affects your style?

I definitely think that being from NorCal gives me a chance to dress pretty differently from season to season. Also being from the Bay, exposed to such a multitude of styles and cultures and the underground hip-hop scene has an effect on the things I chose to wear.

dsc_3587Jasmine Fernandez, Porter ’11

CHP: How would you describe your style?

It ranges depending on the mood and the day. Just like where I shop I wear anything and everything, I really don’t have a defined style, just as long as I feel good wearing it.

CHP: What/who inspires your style?

I get inspired by different decades, and I really love movies, so I also get inspired by characters with really definitive styles.

CHP: Where do you like to shop?

I really like Forever 21 for cheap basics and cute dresses.

eBay is really good for finding really outrageous things you just can’t find in stores. But really, I shop anywhere and everywhere. I don’t discriminate!

CHP: What is your must-have item for spring?

Dresses, dresses, dresses! Oh and skirts too, preferably yellow. I’m really into yellow right now.