Photos by Isaac Miller.

Amid the construction abundant on the changing UC Santa Cruz campus, there is one constant that remains: hungry students.

At the end of winter quarter, both the Porter/Kresge Dining Hall and the Hungry Slug Café closed for renovations. Despite the obvious inconvenience to students who frequent these dining spots, College University and Housing Services has done their best to accommodate students’ dining needs.

woman-making3In addition to the expansion of the College Eight/Oakes Dining Hall, which includes a dual-sided cashier station, increased food service areas, additional beverage service in the dining room and extra outdoor seating, UCSC Dining Services has created an alternative dining option called Town Hall Subs for those students who are looking for substitute eating options.

According to Candy Berlin, program coordinator for UCSC Dining, Town Hall Subs is an affordable option, with sandwiches that cost only $4 and meals, including choice of beverage and chips, at $6.59. Even more important, Town Hall Subs offers service that is good for students who need to grab a bite quickly.

“Unlike the Owl’s Nest, Town Hall Subs makes your food right in front of you. You have the option of ordering what you want while you choose from ingredients that are right there,” Berlin said. “Hot or cold subs, you get in and out quickly.”

Although Town Hall Subs is only a temporary option, it has been widely utilized by many, serving around 100 students a day.

Tyler Gary and Ashley Tittle, first-year students from Kresge College, said Town Hall Subs has been a great alternative to the closed dining hall.

dsc_0014“It’s really nice because you can get the sandwiches toasted or not,” Tittle said. “We also really love the staff. They’re really friendly!”

The only downside, according to Gary, is their hours. “I wish they were open longer,” Gary said. “They close really early.”

Despite the limited hours, many students feel this fast and tasty sandwich shop is worth visiting. With vegetarian options, as well as options for block meal plan holders and Flexi dollars, Town Hall Subs is an ideal solution to the missing dining option for Kresge and Porter students.

So, what should you try? Operations director Kent Bailey recommends trying  a hot ham and cheese sub—a classic.

Town Hall Subs

Kresge College (Kresge Town Hall, next to Owl’s Nest Cafe)

Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Accepts cash, Flexi dollars, Slug meal plans


To learn more information about the dining hall renovations, go here.