Last Week’s Results:

Men’s Soccer
9/22 vs. Menlo (home) 2-0 (win)
9/27 vs. La Sierra (home) 4-0 (win)

Women’s Soccer
9/25 vs. Southwestern (home) 5-0 (win)
9/27 vs. La Verne (home) 2-1 (win)

Women’s Volleyball
9/26 vs. Luther (home) 3-2 (loss)
9/26 vs. La Sierra (home) 3-0 (win)
9/29 at Mills (away) 3-0 (win)

Upcoming Athletics:

Men’s Soccer
10/2 vs. Chapman (home) at 2PM
10/6 vs. Fresno Pacific (home) at 4PM

Women’s Soccer
10/2 vs. La Sierra (home) at 4PM
10/4 vs. Whittier (home) at 12PM

Women’s Volleyball
10/3 vs. Menlo (home) at 7PM

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