Question: Have you ever had anything paranormal happen to you?


(from left to right)

“After my aunt died we went to her condo to clean it out and the freezer opened of its own accord and a bunch of ice cubes spilled out.”
Grace Grimes
Crown, second-year
Game Design

“I stayed in a hotel one time that might have been haunted… the lights shook, the door rattled… it was kind of spooky.”
Jonathan Oczkus
Stevenson, first-year

“The most paranormal experience I’ve had is happy chains of coincidence, like I’ll pick up my phone intending to call someone and I’ll see that they’re in the middle of calling me.”
Ben Samuel
Cowell, first-year grad student
Computer Science PhD

“At 3 a.m. I was at the table facing away from my counter when a steak knife flew off of the counter and landed in the middle of the floor without provocation.”
Gabriele Quillman
Crown, fourth-year
Ecology and Evolution

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Compiled by Amberly Young and Rosario Serna.